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Rules, Policies & Agreement

Month to Month Campground And RV Park

Oak Village RV Park and Campground 

6020 Lee Station Rd.

New Iberia 70560




  • Payment will be pro-rated to 1st of the month and paid in full prior to moving in. 
  • Rental due on the 1st of each month, Late rental payment will constitute a $20.00 per day addition cost.
  • Applicant or Guest waives his or her rights for 5 day eviction notice.
  • Please call or email for current rates and availability.
  • All prices based on two persons. $25.00 a month per person for each additional person.
  • Early departures of any reason are not eligible for refunds.

              ***Rates, Rules and Policies are subject to change at owners discretion with a 30 days notice


Camp Ground Rules:

  • Vehicles are to remain on the provided areas (gravel driveways, camping pads, or parking spots), Vehicles are not allowed off the designated areas. Any damage as a result of driving outside the acceptable areas will be paid by the offender. 
  • Guest staying at oak Village RV Parks are allowed (2) vehicles per rental site.
  • · Quite time is from 10:00PM to 6:00AM and is strictly enforced
  • No loud music is allowed. Large external speakers are prohibited 
  • Use of water for non-potable usage is not allowed
  • Guest are responsible for keeping their sites clean during their stay.
  •  Oak Village provides a dumpster for guests trash. All trash should be immediately disposed of in the dumpster.
  • There will be no smoking in any of the Oak Village facilities (Office, bath, and laundry room)
  •  Only street legal vehicles are allowed in the park. No recreational vehicles (4 wheelers, go-carts, mini bikes, golf carts, etc) will be allowed in the park.
  • For the safety of younger guest, children will not be allowed to ride bicycles in the park.
  • All pets must be secured and in the owner’s control at all times in accordance with Iberia Parish leash laws. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. All pet waste should be picked up immediately and place in appropriate trash container. Pet owners are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their pets. Pets are not permitted in any park building. 
  • Campers in poor or un-kept condition by management’s judgment will not be allowed.
  • Excessive noise, nuisances, drunkenness, illegal drug use or distribution, nudity, offensive language, fireworks, explosives, etc are not permitted.
  • Fires are permitted only in proper containers for the purpose of cooking or heating. It is the guest responsibility to make sure that all fires are tended to 100% of time in which they ignited. In addition, guest are responsible to fully extinguish and dispose of any charcoal, kindling, or ashes properly. 
  • Violation of Oak Village rules or violation of parish, state of federal rules, regulations or laws may result in immediate eviction without warning or refund.
  • By signing this document you agree to abide by the park rules and regulations in their entirety as well as the penalties for non compliance. 
  • ·Policy’s subject to changes at management discretion




  • Oak Village R.V. Park is to be held harmless for damages to personal property or wellness as a result of the actions of park guests, general public, or situations outside of management’s control. 
  • ·By signing this document, you agree to dismiss Oak Village R.V. Park, its staff, management and owners from responsibility for stated damages during your stay. 


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